Kunal Pradhan

Hi there! My name is Kunal Pradhan. Before I introduce myself, let me tell you about my passion for the world of blogging. Blogging is not my field of study but it is my dream.

I started out in the webmaster world with the introduction of KPSofts.com. The freewares developed by me on this site are so famous that they were designated a place in the softpedia.com and honored with more than 30k downloads.

Eventually my passion ended up making me an owner of many successful websites like

gujaratadmission.com – This website is meant to help students in my state ( Gujarat, India ) with the admission process and career selection. It was a big success and can be depicted by the enormous amount of hits (more than 4 lakh) in just a 45 day period.

Now, here I am presenting myself as a professional blogger, and adding one more step to the staircase of my success with the launching of TeraBug. I have been recognized for my hard work and my work has been published in many Indian news media like Times Of India. But they were not just limited their, infact there are many other such achievements that are published frequently. This fame escorted me into more and more involvement with the knowledge of computing, blogging, webmastering etc. I have worked for thousands of websites as a freelancer. I have learned a lot through the years that I have grown in this vicinity of technology and proud to share that experience via this blog.

About TeraBug

TeraBug is an online technology magazine updated several times a day. We provide software, web application, how-to guides, technology news, productivity tips etc.

We help you in taking maximum advantage of softwares, web application and other technology related things. So you spend your time in using them instead of searching for them on search engines and in books. Apart from this we have a dedicated section for Web masters and bloggers where Kunal Pradhan post about his tutorials, tips and experience.

We post daily technology quiz and tip which will increase your technology knowledge making you a geek day by day. So we recommended you to solve the Quiz everyday. Remember, solving the quiz everyday,makes you 3650 question-answers in a year, will help you in job interviews, quiz competitions etc. And it takes just a minute to solve.

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For other credits about TeraBug, please read Credits page.

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