Samsung Galaxy Note Review, Specification, Benchmark, Comparison

Recently Samsung Launched Galaxy Note in India. We got the smartphone on hands. The android phone is smart and fast enough to be the king, but we are NOT going to leave it without full testing. Here goes the detailed review, benchmark, etc.

IIT Bombay TechFest 2012 brings out real life android applications

I have visited many colleges technical festivals across India. Almost all of them held a software coding competition. Indian Institute Technology, Bombay TechFest also did the same, but here I saw clearly visible difference. Find out how the IIT guys made it.

Digital crime branch records will help reducing and solving crime faster | Digital India

Taking another step for making India Digital, today we will discuss how we can make crime records digital and how Unique ID project will help do so.

IIT Bombay Announces Dates For Techfest 2012

Techfest is like a brand name in college technical festivals. Indian Institute Of Technology, Powai, Bombay announced the dates for Techfest 2012. The Techfest will be held on January first week.

Tutorial: How to remove noise from audio ?

Sometimes we record in a noisy environment. We can re-record the audio, but it can be hard as well as time-consuming. This tutorial will show you how to quickly remove noise from audio/video.

A to Z Mobile Glossary : A to Z Series

A to Z Series is glossary compilation of words starting with A to Z in a field. Today’s field is Mobile Communication. Hope the new series gains you well general knowledge and you enjoy it.

Now Facebook applications will run only on a secured server

Taking one more step ahead in user security Facebook has decided to mandatory security certificate for application hosting server. All third party application developers must have a valid security certificate on their server to allow application to run in Facebook.

5 successful e-Commerce modules in India | e-Commerce Guide

E-commerce has spread its legs in India in last 2-3 years. Most of banks are offering net banking. E-Commerce is one of the best ways to earn money online. What are the most successful types of e-commerce websites in India, read more.

5 Ways To Get More Facebook Subscribers

Recently, Facebook introduced subscriber feature which allows a user to get updates from a profile without adding as a friend. A social marketer will always look forward to get more subscribers and here is how he can do it.

A Better understanding to New Facebook Lists

Yesterday Facebook launched Facebook launched ‘Lists’ feature. It is the last feature, that was needed, to bring all features of Google+ to Facebook. This article will show you how to use Facebook lists efficiently to have more fun Facebooking.