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Search engine optimization(SEO) is a thing that everyone wants to do.Everyone wants high rank in Google like search engine and for this everyone struggles.There are four types of web masters on internet according to SEO.One who do not work much on SEO and get higher ranks,another is who works a lot and get a higher rank , the next is who works hard but fails,the last one who don’t do SEO and naturally he doesn’t get good rank.These are 7 ways to get a good rank in search engines i.e. Google , Yahoo , Live can call it little search engine optimization tutorial.

What is search engine optimization (SEO) ?

SEO is increasing your rank position in search engines for certain keywords or your niche.

Why is search engine optimization important ?

Search engine optimization is important because if you are ranking on 50th page of google for some keyword think how much traffic you will get from it.Also think if it on 1st page for the same keyword how much traffic you will get ! After all its all about traffic and money.Concentrating on SEO will give you good rank than others, good money.After all SEO gives good traffic for free.

how does search engine optimization work ?

Search engine optimization is all about understanding or researching on behaviour of search engine and setting your page as per the behavior of search engine.

Looking into types of web master you should try to become from the first one.For this here are some search engine optimization tips for wordpress blog if you own a wordpress blog.

1. First thing that everyone should perform on wordpress blog is installing All In One SEO plugin.This plugin allows you to add Keywords , Description and Title for all posts i.e. Important meta tags.

You can download this plugin from : All in One SEO Pack Download

2. As most famous search engines don’t believe in meta tags what web master enters the another next important is title of your page.

So you should change your wordpress single post title in %Post Title% | Your Company/Blog name format.

Due to post title as page title the page will rank higher for the related searches.

3. You should validate your HTML codes n CSS  as search engines find difficult to crawl pages containing the error.

You should use w3 validator and CSS validator for this.Try to correct all errors and warnings.

4. Use No-Follow for links in your post.Use No-Follow plugin for this.Just install it , activate it and forget about follow links.

Here is download link for No-FollowPost plugin

5. Try to build good amount of back links.Backlinks improves the pagerank considering the page is trusted , well known , most visited.Try to get backlinks from high reputed pages/ high PR pages.

6. Never sell a link on your blog.If you have long goal of huge monitization from your blog never sell a link.External links decreases rank in SERP(Search Engine Results Page)

7. Search for your posts in various search engine.By doing this you will get behaviour  of the search engine.As much you will do this you will get mastered in it.Searching for one post will improve rank of your next post.Rapidly you will start getting higher rank.

Another thing you can do is social bookmarking your post which does not matter much.

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