What steps to follow when Windows XP crash or restart automatically

Posted By: KP On June 13, 2009 Under Mobile Tricks, Tips and Tricks Categories

Some times windows get sudden crash,not due to power cut but some files that keep windows running get sudden critical error or unknown error.Your windows XP crashes.

In many cases you may not able to start your windows,you think of formatting your hard drive and reinstalling windows,but its not worth much and also time consuming.Better you try to follow below steps once.This may solve the error came and you may be able to start your windows again.Please follow them as they are written in sequence.

1. Your very first try should be restore the settings previously worked.Actually windows make a copy of files,setting on successful shutdown.So if your next reboot is not successful you can restore these files.

To do so keep pressing F8 on booting,it will give you new menu,Choose “Restore last known good settings that previously worked”

2. If above try didn’t work , bad luck.Next step should be restoring your all activities during last session of windows.For this you need to restore backup.

For this go to the same screen told in previous tip and choose Safe mode.After logging in Safe Mode ,Go to Run in start menu and write msconfig.msconfig

Click  “Lanuch System restore”

On next screen choose “Restore my system to an earlier time”

Press Next and on following screen choose the latest restore point you have.

It will reboot and restore your system.

3. The third you can try is run some another OS and find some suspicious files.You can try some live linux like UBantu.Remove them,that may be virus which is not allowing windows boot files to load.

4. If the last not working take Windows XP installation disk and choose “Repair “ to repair the windows.

Still you not get it working you have to format it,If there is any missing/corrupt file error you can always restore it using MS-DOS.

If you get success you can disable auto restart on system failure if you are getting blue screen with some 000000xe error code.For this go to system properties (Right click my computer—>Select properties ) . Go to Advance tab,Click Settings under start up and recovery,Under system failure uncheck Automatic Restart , Close all dialog boxes accepting the changes .

If you have any idea or  I missed anything please comment.

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4 responses. Wanna say something?

  1. Balaji @ GuideToTech
    Jun 14, 2009 at 10:07:35

    That’s an great piece of info mate…


  2. KP
    Jun 15, 2009 at 19:59:51

    Thanks balaji.You’re welcome


  3. davis
    Feb 16, 2010 at 15:08:06

    men that so cool,


  4. raza
    Apr 20, 2010 at 21:06:50

    i have alwyz face this problm since lik 2 years n every time i face such problm i noramlly repair ma system

    the is one more problm if u can help me with
    even after repair ..my system shuts down al of a suden and the fans go off
    and if i try to restrt it starts up and jus after a minute or so it wil shutdown and repair or formating wont help some times
    i have askd a dealer about ths he says its mother board problm
    but aft few days i dnt knw wat hapns but system works as if thr was no problm ever


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