7 Expectations From Windows 7

Posted By: KP On August 9, 2009 Under Tips and Tricks, Windows Tricks Categories

Windows 7 is another try of Microsoft to make people happy. As we all know Windows XP is still most popular windows and Vista was not so successful as XP due to some reasons. Personally I also hate Windows Vista.

Windows 7 is going to be released on 22 October. I have 7 expectations from Windows 7. Hope Microsoft notice it as need of everyone and do something to improve Windows.

1. Windows Vista asks me a lot questions. Too much security questions. Sometimes I feel like windows vista is asking me similar thing like “Hello sir, You entered your password but you really want to login ?”. What is the need of these much of security in a home computer. Why Microsoft treat a corporate user and a normal user so equally? They should remove this much amount of questions.

2. Since the root if we see windows is improving it’s look. Compare win 98 and win XP, XP and Vista. Big change. Great look equals more graphics memory , more processing, slow computing. Computer is not a show piece it’s a work piece. Microsoft should understand this and should use less memory in looks and utilise it in processing.

3. Windows should use less CPU for it’s own. Today windows is having own weight on system. Some people reports that windows hangs running normal softwares which were running damn fine on XP even with 2 GB of RAM and 2 GHz+ processors. There should be better management of task switching and better management of active and passive processes.

4. Minimum requirements should be lesser. As we can see supports for drivers in older versions of windows has been stopped, on other hand Windows is increasing minimum requirements to run windows. The PC is becoming costlier due to this. People have upgrade hardwares who don’t want to !

5. If windows really want to improve personal level security features provide in-built functions to lock and hide folders,Bio metric security.

6. Inbuilt registry cleaner and other utilities which third party softwares do provide.

7. It’s natural that Microsoft will provide it’s own add-on software like browser,player still to compete Linux distributions they should provide option to install great softwares like Mozilla Firefox etc. by default.

These are mine expectations, what about you? are you a windows user?

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  1. Ashish
    Aug 22, 2011 at 17:44:14

    Yes i am a window user.. And i think Windows XP is the best operating system that Microsoft has ever created.


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