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Posted By: KP On January 12, 2010 Under Other, Site News Categories

Dear reader,

I have shifted my blog “Tips and Tricks by KPSofts” to new domain giving it a new name. The blog will be known as “TeraBug: Buzzing The Technology Aloud” .

A question might arise in your mind that what was the need to move domain where as KPSofts’ blog was having PR3 ranking from Google. There were many factors that were lowering our rankings in Google. Also, I want a short and unique name for the blog.

The word “TeraBug” is combination of two technology related words. Tera means 10¹² in computer systems, usually used to show memory size i.e. Terabytes. Bug is a common word in computer system to show error.

The moving of blog was not possible without all those people in my life who made TeraBug a great success. Firstly, I want to thank all of the readers out there for maintaining a dedicated relation with TeraBug. Secondly, my friend Jay Desai, an excellent graphics designer had worked very hard to bring to you the nice environment around my blog posts, making them look special and waving a warm welcome to more and more readers. The theme that attracts everyone was also the result of a sprinkle from the brush of the same great artist (Jay Desai). Thirdly, I want to thank my family for always supporting me and boosting up my spirits and hoping for the best. I also appreciate all the suggestions from the readers and my friends.

What’s New at TeraBug:

  • Daily Quiz , The solving quiz will take just a minute but will give you a lot new things to know
  • Tip Of The Day, Daily quick tip that will make usage of technology more efficiently
  • Frequent updates- The blog will get updates more frequently.
  • New Attitude- A new writing attitude, posts will be from various categories rather than just technology.
  • Some new sections like Micro Solutions, Directory. Many more to be added in near future.

About the BugBar

The BugBar is what you see at bottom of TeraBug website. The static footer is designed to give you quick news updates.


Also there is one easy to share button through which you will be able to share articles which you like with your friends with just a single mouse click. So now on when you read a TeraBug article and if you like it, just press “Share Page” and choose social network. After all sharing is caring.

Updating Old Bookmarks:

As we have moved everything from KPSofts’ blog, I request all our readers to update their bookmarks.

E-mail Subscribers: You are not needed to update anything. We have moved all subscribers to TeraBug. The daily news letter will come from “Tips and Tricks by TeraBug”. You should add my new e-mail address to your address book. i.e. [email protected]
RSS Readers: We have discontinued old RSS account. Please bookmark new RSS feed link: http://feeds.terabug.com/terabug

Browser Bookmarks: Please bookmark the new website. http://www.terabug.com

SMS Subscribers: TeraBug’s new SMS channel


Stay Connected with TeraBug ( Social Links ) :

TeraBug has got own social accounts and communities. You should get connected there.

Twitter: You can follow my new twitter account @terabug


Facebook: TeraBug has got facebook fan page. Please be a fan.


At the end I would like to thank god and all the readers once again. The existence of TeraBug would have been impossible without our valued readers and my friends and family, hope we will give a new height to TeraBug in the world of blogging.

Take care.


Kunal Pradhan a.k.a KP

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