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In previous posts, on Digital India, I mentioned how the system will have a table in database defining a row for each person. Each row will have a unique ID which defines the person.

Now moving further, in the database we will a new table today. The table will contain vehicle registrations. Each row defining a vehicle linked with unique ID of owner.

Along with this lets change number plate system. Current number plate system is insecure. In many terror attacks terrorists had used fake number plates. Anyone can get a number plate by visiting a number plate shop from numerous available.

New number plate system should follow US number plate system where only authority/ govt. office manufactures number plates. RTO sends number plate to registered address upon registration. On resale the number gets changed.

One might think handling number plate manufacture system to government might kill the current huge automobile number plate business. In fact government can hire the same persons who are in that business as government will also need new staff for the same. This will secure number plates.

As the number plates are changing; on a note many imaginary things happen on TeraBug’s Digital India, here things are imaginary, sometimes practically impossible to implement in India but here we define a completely Digital India where people have secured digitally enhanced life.

As the number plates are changing I would like to implement RF tag to each number plate. It will make number plate not only human readable but also computer readable. Eureka! Implement a RFID reader at road ends and every passed vehicle is traceable.


(Photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicokaiser/40852663/)

People are using public road, tracking the road users is not against any privacy. The transport system will be more secured.

Key benefits:

  1. RFID based toll collection system (detail in next part)
  2. Calculating transport loads
  3. Tracking theft vehicles
  4. Auto signal monitor systems
  5. Help in Hit and Run cases, if government has record who used the road in last a few minutes it will be easier to solve such cases.
  6. Auto-secured parking slots
  7. Digital chip having all info including but not limited to PUC, Road Tax
  8. Control on asymmetrical, rules breaking number plate fonts

We will discuss some more benefits and RFID based toll collection system in next post. Hope you enjoyed my draft of Digital India !

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