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My need of making Digital India was the unique identity that belongs to every person. India’s population is above 115 crores. Names are not enough to differentiate or identify everyone because two persons might have same full name. God has made everyone unique, and we cannot ignore or take a person’s individuality for granted. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a unique ID assigned to every person?

Government has considered the idea and a whole project of unique ID have been processed. The project is named “Aakar” and Mr. Nandan Nilekani is in charge of the project. Government has already taken the initiative to open a new horizon to Digital India. The awaited time is here and I can envision the dream converting into reality.

Lets take a look at the technical aspect of this project. Assigning every person a unique ID will make everyone unique. It is basically going to be in a database format with information entered in rows and columns. This would make information easily accessible and editable. It will be much more simpler and just a click away to find any information from the database. For example: If an employer wants to access (query) the information about the employee applying for job, the employer can access his job history, education background and other relevant information easily and the magical ID number does it all.

“Rome was not built in a day!” Implementing and executing the whole project with least possible errors will take years. The challenges faced during this revolution cannot be ignored.

•    It is not only hard but to me it sounds nearly impossible to track each and every  person in such a huge population country.

Not every person in India is a permanent resident and/or a legal citizen.

There will be a huge time gap between government collecting such a huge data and updating digitally.

• Not all the personal information provided by the people will be accurate.

Failure in updating the information of a birth/death in a family.
To assign unique ID to individual, government is counting the population again (Janganana 2011). They are trying to get as much information and as accurate as possible. There are many more challenges waiting for the government to be resolved. In following posts we will discuss more about the assignment of the unique ID.

Fake currency is the burning issue of India so before moving ahead to any changes/improvements, we will try to solve fake notes issue. In next post I will present my idea for fighting against fake notes.

PS: If the ID assigned is numerical, then I bet people will actually BID for a good or a  lucky number!

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