5 things to do when you are dissatisfied with your blog earnings

Posted By: KP On January 11, 2011 Under Adsense, Blogging, Earn Money Online, Internet Categories

A new blogger may think of giving up blogging because of seeing no future of the blog, unless he reaches Adsense threshold ($100) every month and get paid every month. If you are facing same situation and about to leave blogging as your main profession, wait and try below tips. Those will help for sure.

1. Bank Balance:A new blogger doesn’t get paid very frequently. Adsense check may come every 2-3 months. Still you might have good bank balance due to past checks from blog. So single $100 check might disappoint you (as you make $100 in 2-3 months) but total income might be a big number. Show up this income in WordPress Dashboard or on your desktop. It will give you passion to blog when you will feel down regarding your earnings from blog.

2. Count Down: In your room wall have a white board or number display board. Set a target number of posts and write remaining number of posts to achieve the target on white board. For example if you have target of 500 posts and having 254 posts, write the balance 246. Update the number as you write a new post. It will make you achieve target faster, so does earnings.

3. Count Up: Reward yourself with points per post. For example 2 reward points per post. You can have more deep algorithm that depends on words in a post. That will make you write long and quality posts too. Collect reward points, on 500 or 1000 points exchange them for gifts. Buy a favorite gadget or gift for you. As points will increase,number of posts will increase, earnings will increase, better gifts, great blogging !

4. I do respect but Its demotivating me: Reading blog of an old professional blogger may inspire you but sometimes it seems to demotivate you. Because he is an achiever, you set your mind to be like him but success in blogging is not instant and may lead you to fall back. So have an attitude of ‘I do respect but Its demotivating me’ and stop looking at power bloggers and concentrate on your blog till you achieve target.

5. Forget Adsense Dashboard: New bloggers seems to check adsense earnings very frequently, many times a day. Don’t do that. Forget adsense dashboard for months, till you get considerable traffic and content. Content is king, don’t forget that. Utilize the same time in blogging.

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  1. frank
    Apr 4, 2011 at 21:23:46

    Blogging is not easy. if you can find good notice boards you can post on you can get more feedback and traffic which is always a boost and motivating.


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