Get good rank in search engines using your ego

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Do you think you have ego ? If yes then you will rank good in search engines.It’s not a joke.

Let me get to the point directly as every blogger should try to skip long intros.Today.I am going to explain about ego search.

Ego search simply means self search in various search engines.How it will help in good rankings let me explain it.

First how to do perfect Ego search ? Ego search can be done many ways.You can search for your name,your brand name,your site name,your username.But recommended is what you are using at most of the sites or depends on for what you are doing ego search.For example if you are checking popularity of your website , ego search via your website URL is recommended.

So how to use data from ego search? After ego search you will get how , where ,by whom you have listed/backlinked.

With the data you can do following:

1. Make a relation with the webmaster/blogger who have mentioned you at his site.Say him thanks.This will make a place of you in his heart.He will try to link you more.Also he will be your regular visitor or reader if he is not.

2. Analyze your content that got listed on other sites.Analyze what type of content from you people is liking more.Write more on that topic.This will give more backlinks to you.Your PR will go high,High PR= Good rankings

3. Do research how many percent of your content is having backlinks.

4. Check for negative backlink ( Like someone pointed you negatively).Solve the issue as it is making your image negative among his readers and you are loosing them! [Don’t use your ego in solving ]

5. See what is more famous on internet your brand,your name or your site URL.Make it your mark , lead it everywhere.If you try to lead all it fails,become famous by one thing.Use the same in commenting,as your screen name etc.

Ultimately ego search will help you to decide how you are doing.What improvements are needed.What are your own drawbacks.It helps to search engine optimization.Search engine optimization by ego search is a trick of mind.If you learn using it,it will boost your rank like charm.

There are many factors to be noticed in ego search,You , your competitors.Check your competitors’ ego too.This will help you.

You can use tools like to do ego search,but I do recommended manually as it will increase your experience SEO.Remember tools always provide easiness but using them you miss the actual concept and knowledge on which the tool is working.

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