6 Feedburner tweaks to optimize your feed and increase feed readers

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Feedburner is really great and free service.It has many inbuilt features but due to not having awareness some bloggers don’t use it and loose many things.Here I am listing some tweaks that you must do.

1. Enable Email Subscriptions – Offer your readers receive your updates in email inbox.Remember a subscriber is good than a RSS subscriber because you may loose RSS one when he formats OS or reinstalls his browser.To activate go to Publicize tab in your feedburner account and click Enable Email Subscriptions  and activate it.

2. Make Headline Animator – Headline animator is an animated image which shows your recent posts from your blog.You can use this image in your email signatures,forum signatures.It will increase your readers.To activate go to Publicize tab in your feedburner account and click Headline Animator  and design one for you.Choose colors theme as your blog theme( not necessary , but recommended )

Here is mine :

Tricks Tips and Tools by KPSofts

3. Show off yourself – FeedCount is the which display your number of readers to others.It’s always nice thing to do.More readers=more positive view to your blog.Because people have mentality to think like “wow,these much subscribers,he is must giving something nice,let me also join the list and he subscribes” when he sees your feed count.So always put a chicklet as you get good readers.Choose theme of chicklet contrast to your site theme.

4. NoIndex Feeds – Duplicate content penalty is the worst penalty one can have.Its better to protect it always.If search engines are listing your site and feed it may be counted as duplicate of each other.So disable listing of your feed by NoIndex feature of feedburner.This can be also done by robots.txt file for your blog.

5. Don’t hide feeds – Some blog themes just hide RSS feed icon and email subscription form.Don’t do this.Always have clearly visible form for email subscription on top or in sidebar.Use big icon for RSS feed.Use custom icon that attracts attention.Add subscription form at end of each post.This helps a lot increases your readers.Each reader counts!

6.  Summary or Full feed – Always burn full feed,don’t burn just summery.Some people think that burning summary will bring the subscriber to the blog.But it’s not always right,reader want your full content in mail box,let him have it.He will come to blog if he want to comment.Full feed burning do much well.If you want to earn via feeds just embed adsense ads in it using adsense for feeds.

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  1. Nita
    Nov 4, 2009 at 15:34:30

    Just wanted to thank you for very clear way of writing these tips. I have been searching the web for this kind of thing but they write it in a very confusing manner. So thanks.


  2. KP
    Nov 4, 2009 at 16:54:01

    You are welcome. Please subscribe to my email feeds to get delivered regular tips in your mail box.


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