20 Must have wordpress plugins – High rated-High Downloads

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Plugins add second life to WordPress.Here I am listing some important must have wordpress plugin that I found up to now.I will mention the plugin name,link and little description with purpose.

1. All-In one SEO pack – The SEO blaster for wordpress.Adds addition meta tags to your wordpress blog,which helps in performing in search engines better.(Another option to the plugin is Headspace 2 plugin which allows you to configure auto meta tags.)

2. Google XML Sitemaps : It’s a plugin that creates perfect sitemap for your wordpress blog.You can set priority of posts and other options.It also informs Google about any change in your blog.

3. Cookies for Comments: It’s a great plugin to stop spam comments on your blog.For me it’s accuracy is 100%.(Read more..)

4. Broken Link Checker : It’s useful plugin to find out broken links from your old posts.Provide your readers perfect content forever.

5. After The Deadline: Grammar and spell checker for wordpress.(read more..)

6. Faster Image Insert : A simple image uploader plugin which iframes the wordpress popup image and media uploader.

7. No More Frames: The plugin doesn’t allow someone to make iframe of your blog.This is useful if you have adsense on your blog as adsense policies are against iframes.

8. One Click Plugin Updater: A simple service center for your all plugins at a glance.

9. Per Post Comment Settings: You can disable or modify comments options on a particular post.

10. Popularity Contest: Show off your popular posts to your readers.It will bring more potential readers.

11. NoSpamUser: It adds captcha protection to your registration of wordpress blog.It blocks  spam bots.It’s useful if you are allowing an user to register on your blog.

12. TweetMeme Button: A plugin that helps your post to spread over social media site twitter.This is a chain process and may give you big hit.

13. WordPress Mobile Pack: Converts your blog in mobile friendly version when it detects a mobile browser.

14. wp-super cache: It is plugin which creates static HTML pages for you post and pages.WordPress each damn server and gives huge load.The plugin protects that.

15. WP-NofollowPost: A plugin that adds no follow relation to all links coming in your post.Most important plugin for SEO and Pagerank factor.

16. WP-Polls: Add polls , be little interactive with your readers.

17. WP-PostRatings: Let reader rate how good you are writing.Adds rating system to your post.

18. TwitterPost: This plugin tweets to your twitter account as you make a post.

19. Simple Tags: Manage and play with your tags was never so easy !

20. Add Logo to Admin: Adds a custom logo to your site’s Admin header and your login page.Respect your brand.’

WordPress adds many plugins everyday.More than that plugins get written.I list here quality plugins after filtering them on my own.Please subscribe , you will get an update when I will release new list or I will have something update for you.Please add email id below to get latest updates in your mail box.

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