Whenever you visit IIT Bombay next time, drink a glass of Lassi because Lassi is a mark of entrepreneurship

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KP’s note on the guest post:

This article is about Indian drink Lassi’s ( A popular and traditional South Asian yogurt-based drink. It is made by blending yogurt with water or milk and Indian spices) brand Khadke gLassi which is established by 3rd year IIT Bombay students Prabhkiran Singh and his friend Himanshu Dhiman.

The article is written by Prabhkiran Singh. He shares his journey to establishing a brand and being an entrepreneur. And as I always say, talking with a successful person about an hour is almost equal to research work of a year. So have fun reading the birth story of upcoming Lassi chain of India.


Entrepreneurship always fascinated me from school days. But the Spirit was lost during my stay in kota during iit-jee preparation. The spirit was refuelled when i entered my 3rd year and companies were up for internship recruitment in September. DB was the first company to come & I wasn’t shortlisted. That day I was disappointed and it seemed to me the  beginning  of the struggle in the rat race for internship and jobs. Also the pre-placement talk just made the jobs look so constrained and boring.

Khadke gLassi Logo


It started with the wish to be my own boss, do things which doesn’t curb my creativity and innovations. I convinced my best friend Himanshu Dhiman for a start up & then began the search for an idea. After a month of scourging, We finally settled with the lassi idea. We wanted to open a chain of cafes selling Indian traditional drink ‘lassi’  Our idea was to bring various specialities of lassi being sold in different parts of the country at one place and to sell them fresh and also maintain hygiene. This slowly became a passion to make a difference to the society, generating employment and providing a healthy alternate to people over the unhealthy soft drinks.


We worked for two months on making a business plan for it. But after working on it, creating a business seemed easier than making a business plan. So we decided on 18th February to start an outlet with what so ever funds we had. We set a target of 3 days and finally opened a lassi counter within 5 days with 10000 rupees outside IIT main gate.


We had limited funds. A steel food counter costs 25k and we didn’t want to compromise on the hygiene and looks. So we got a computer table and covered it with sun-boards with some creative pictures and that worked too well for us.

Khadke gLassi Counter

The barriers for opening a new business in India – The food licences involving money, paper work and time.Then a shop establishment is required. Trademark for a name requires 2 years and then registering a company. We were surprised when on first day we came to know that a permit is required even for the neon light board outside shops.

Why self employment ?

All the recipes were worked out by us at our room in hostel. For many days we got milk, made various lassi’s and got reviews from our hostel mates. We decided to work ourselves in order to cut down the labour as initially we had to cut down on costs owing to lack of funds. Also we had to train him with our recipes and we were scared that it would mean compromising on the quality.

What’s special about lassi ?

Khadke gLassi Creative Menu

We serve natural flavoured punjabi lassi. The lassi prepared are fresh and hygienic. All the flavours used are real fruits.

Thanks Prabhkiran for sharing your experience with TeraBug readers. I will visit Khadke gLassi whenever I will come to IIT Bombay, can’t wait to taste the chocolate one. Good luck with your brand, hope to see more franchises of the Lassi.

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