IIT Bombay Announces Dates For Techfest 2012

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Techfest is like a brand name in college technical festivals. Indian Institute Of Technology, Powai, Bombay announced the dates for Techfest 2012. The Techfest will be held on January first week.


Practical knowledge, industry experience and extra knowledge bank is the common most factors of successful engineers. The question is from where to gain that ? Classes and lab sessions can teach basic knowledge of subject, some theories, but to get hands on the subject you need to do projects, industry visit, etc. TechFest is one of the best platforms to generate ideas from theories that you learned.

I had blogged TechFest 2010 live on TeraBug. Some posts are as follows:

Water irrigation will be automated using a software

Lets Fight using the junk

Tony Chapek and Nexus Europe made the audience laugh and clap for 2 hours

Father of Wi-Fi Vic Hayes explains Wi-Fi at IIT Bombay Techfest 2010

Play games with LED torch, AITR, Indore students presents cheaper motion gaming at IIT Bombay Techfest

Solve your problems by just sending a SMS

TechFest 2012 is scheduled on 6th-8th January, 2012. The event brings something innovative every year. Let’s see what they have got for 2k12.

Competitions: Robowar where you can cheer up for huge robots fight. Coding, Architecture structure making, small engine remote controlled car race, android application development contest, etc. are the main attractions.

Workshops: You can get ready for learning android application development, robotics, automobile sketching and much more.

Lectures: Inventors of most famous daily stuff that you use visit IIT during techfest, i.e. Father of Wi-Fi or he may be a Google team leader. Their lectures are worth to attend.

TechFest 2012 has invited K Brandenburg, Pioneer in audio technology and co-inventor of MP3, Hakon Wium Lie, Developer CSS and CTO of Opera, Dennis Charter, Inventor of secure online money transfer and many more geeks around the globe.

Technoholix: Tired after full day roaming around in huge IIT campus? No worries, relax in open air theater. Technoholix is something which can’t be described in words. How about watching a video?

On The Spot: On the spot quiz, competitions will be held. Also, many companies will be promoting there giving away freebies.

That’s not all about TechFest 2012, to know more you need to explore it personally.

Many people are finding posts from techfest 2010 useful and appreciating it. You can find all posts for Techfest here. We may visit techfest 2012 to live blogging. Keep reading TeraBug, subscribe for updates.

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