How to use Google search properly

Posted By: KP On April 3, 2009 Under Google, Internet Categories

Seems like a mad post but this post is for those who are new net surfers or who know google search by typing just words simply,Reading this post will increase your search ability.

    Everyone do simple keyword search : like download mp3 songs

    Besides of this you can improve this search by some typical methods.

    Google has some defined parameters,using this you can go to exact result you want to reach.

    These certain parameters are called dorks.

    Like if you want to download Ghajini movie songs in mp3 format , your search query should be ghajini mp3 songs download

    More over now I will explain some dorks which will help you to search better.

    • filetype:extension

    -This dork is useful to get a direct link to a file you want to download.For example you want power point presentation about environment so your query will be environment filetype:ppt

    This thing is also applicable to google image search.

    • Use of quotes

    If you want some words together exact in search results put them in quote.e.g. “Free sms to india”

    • Use of OR

    You want that your search result contains this word1 or word2 or word3

    Use capital OR between those words e.g. Cricket OR Sports OR Volleyball

    • Remove words that you don’t want

    This is also an useful thing.Like one word has two meanings and you want to remove the meaning you don’t want.Use this dork.Like you are searching Rakhi for Rakhabandhan festival and you getting Rakhi Sawant in can just use a minus sign before Sawant search that will exclude all result which contains sawant.

    e.g. Rakhi Buy -sawant

    • inurl:

    This dork is used when you went to some site but you don’t remember the link exactly.Like I went to site for decoding cipher but I dont remember the link but I do remember that page name was kichencipherdecoder.

    So simply I will query google cipher decode inurl:kichencipherdecoder

    inurl dork means the given word after : must come in page link in results.

    • site: dork

    This dork says search but whithin some given site.Like india

    means search india but limited upto site

    Some other dorks are link,rel etc which are not so useful in daily life.If you don’t want to remember this dorks just click Advance search link besides search box

    And remember search is never case sensitive or never serch for punction marks like ? , etc.

    Also some helpful things are ruppee dollar search gives you current conversion rate of currency.Google has many such things to explore.

    See what big G says about advance search: Click here

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