Get Upto 5000 Rs (100$) from PayPal , Withdraw Money to Your Local Bank Account

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PayPal is most used trusted website for internet transitions, 80% websites use PayPal as their payment gateway. This Christmas they have introduced one super cool offer.

The offer is for people having a PayPal account with a valid registration address in relation thereto located in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore. Though you can get one account easily by finding a friend from listed countries above.

PayPal is offering 1$ for referring your a friend to PayPal Facebook application. You can get maximum of 100$ (~ 5000 Rs ) through this offer. All you have to do is gather 99 friends to PayPal application. Basically this is affiliate or viral marketing but you are getting paid much much higher than other affiliate markets. Good thing is the offer is from PayPal so it is trustworthy.

PayPal is FREE to join, You do NOT require a credit card to take part in this offer. So joining is totally free. All you need is good friends’ network.

Below is step by step instructions to get in this offer, no matter what you refer a single friend or not they will give you 1$.

1. Go to and login to your Facebook account. If you don’t have one just signup to Facebook.

2. After login come back to this post and visit

3. Allow the application.

4. There you will see a button to create your wish list, Select any items you like and publish your wish list. (Though publishing is NOT compulsory but if your friends joins after clicking what you published to your updates you get 1$/ friend), You must create a wish list of you.

5. After creating your wish list register your PayPal account by clicking register. If you do not have one PayPal account just signup from there and register it. (PayPal account name is your E-mail id with which you created the account).

While creating PayPal account if you are asked your credit card details just skip the step and go to my account and you are done.

6. Spread the link everywhere and get 99 friends and that will make 100$

How you will get paid and when ?

1. You will get 1$ , only if your friend makes a wish list of him/her.

2. On 31 December 2009 23:59:59 SST , they will stop crediting you money. Offer is valid till that only.

3. Money will be credited to your PayPal account before February 28th, 2010 but after 31 Dec 2009 only. Till then the application will show you earnings but there will be no change in your PayPal account balance.

4. Amount will be credited = amount you earned till offer ends.

How do I get PayPal account balance to my local bank account ?

Please refer to my guide for withdrawing money from PayPal to local bank account.

Enjoy bucks, Complete your wishes !

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