How to earn money by spreading wordpress themes ?

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Want to earn online by just copy-pasting content ? Here is an easy way to earn by doing no-brain work.If you can spend a good time on Internet here is a best way for you.

The work you have to do is: WordPress theme developer will give you his developed theme, You just need to spread the theme to various wordpress themes sites and web master forums.You need to generate a report in excel.
So simply this is an easy job for a normal user of Internet.

How much money you can earn ?

Below are normal rates for the job in current market.Competition is very less, Job is easy if you know some basics about forums and computer use.

6$ – 20 Sites & Forums

10$ – 50 Sites & Forums

18$ – 100 Sites & Forums

26$ – 150 Sites & Forums

You can vary them as per your need and team.

In this job you must take orders in bulk,First time it will take great time as you have to register on all sites.

Use remember password feature to get a great go at next time.Also bulk orders means post all orders on one site at once.

If we assume that you are spreading daily 5 themes to 100 sites and 4 to 50 sites

So 5*18$ = 90$

4*10$ = 40$

So your daily earning will be 130$ . Which makes 3900$ in a month !

Isn’t it a big amount ? Ya , its around about 2 lac Rs. INR

Where to launch this service ?

You can launch this service on Forums like and other webmaster forum.You can launch this service on the same sites where you are going to spread your themes.

Quality and speed will affect your business . As much great reviews you will get you will get more orders.

Tip: You can use payment services like Paypal , Alertpay to receive payments which can be withdrawn later in your bank account.(depends on bank and country)

So good luck friend !

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  1. Abhishek
    Dec 25, 2011 at 11:10:46

    Hello Kunal,

    tell me 3 things:

    1. have you tried this wordpress theme spreading trick you mentioned above, and the url where you spread any sample theme, and how much you got paid, your highest/total earning with it?

    2. this is a year 2009 article on my birthday but still has no comments even in december 2011, so do you purposely write “older 2009” dates in newer posts that you write a week back?

    3. your total earnings from this blog.

    after that i will give you a tip that i learned after 5 yrs in this field, it will help you more.

    I am waiting for your reply on my mailbox.



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