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Dying hard to get on the first page of Google,trying like mad SEO to get good rank is not really worth if you don’t know some Google ranking facts.Your all tries are useless.In my opinion SEO is an art to know search engine behavior and algorithms.If you have these algorithms in blood you are best SEO.

Here I have listed facts about Google rankings,Keep them in mind when you make your content/website.Note: They are not in the  sequence of their importance as all are equally important.Analysing and implementing them will sure increase your rank in SERP naturally.It’s my natural SEO.

1. Pages with unique content are tends to appear at top for a natural query.

2. Pages with higher Page Ranks are tends to get top place.For this as many natural links your domain have that good your rankings will be.Remember its not Link exchange.Its one side links.

3. Page having user query in Page Title appears at top.

4. Pages having user query in domain name appears at top.

5. Pages which have user query in URL gets a good rank for that search.

6. Pages which have least outgoing links gets a good reputation in Google.

7. Pages having good user response for that query tends to appear first.Like someone searched for vegetarian food , many search made on same keyword.People visited you but still user came back to Google to look for more sites.Means your page made a little negative impression as it could not satisfy user query.If this situation happens many times your page is about to list at low position for searches on that query.

8. Pages containing natural keywords in the content tends to rank high.Keyword density is important but not to make it keyword bombarding.Always think what user will type for getting the content you are writing.Include them in your writing

9. Google likes people who are not lazy.Updating your content daily makes you to crawl more in a day.Google tires from this but not to worry they are robots.But It makes good reputation of site.

10. Bring the news first,It makes good ranking and also a good characters in ‘eyes’ of Google.

11. Google really likes dashes in page names.Like my-first-page.php , Having no spaces,underscores,dashes is worst. e.g. myfirstpage.php

12. .edu  like educational TLDs will rank higher in education related searches.

13. Domains having country specific TLDs will rank higher for user searching from that country.e.g. Indian user searching for something will have .in TLDs site higher if the sites qualifies for all terms of Google algorithm

14. Sites having higher traffic will counted as more trusted and Google will give more traffic to them.Same thing with older domains but it hardly matters.

15.  Content having proper English grammar get listed quickly in Google.

This list won’t be steady as Google changes their algorithms time by time.I will update the list as I get new things from Google.You better subscribe me by email or RSS to get notified when I update the list.

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