What to Write in Twitter Bio To Get More Followers ? Examples of Best Twitter Bio

Posted By: KP On October 16, 2009 Under Internet Categories

Twitter bio is 160 characters text where you can introduce yourself to visitors of your profile. It helps in increasing your followers. So you should write your twitter bio very carefully.

Some people do not leave a chance to show attitude using this bio. So here are examples of some worst bio.

Bio: I am what I am !!!

My Comment: Yes, we know you are what you are. Who else can be like you.

Bio: Why the hell you want to know my bio

My Comment: Why the hell your profile has got a follow button.

Bio: Don’t you know me !

My Comment: No, Sorry I don’t. Unfortunately,you are not that famous and that’s why I am looking for your bio here.

Bio: 160 characters are not enough to tell about me.

My Comment: I understand your feelings, I will request twitter that let user attach a pdf e-book so you can attach your autobiography.

Now let’s see how to write a perfect twitter bio.

Twitter bio is a place to tell about what you do online/offline. What is your post at your company. With whom you live with. Your relationship status.

Examples of some good twitter bio.

Bio: I am a web entrepreneur. I do blogging SEO , Blogging. Living with wife and 2 children.

Bio: Computer Science student, normal surfer, Love reading novel. Single living with parents.

Bio: HR and Social Media geek. Perpetual Learner. Interested in how emergent technologies are changing Organizations. Organizations 2.0 if you please!

Bio: I tell stories to make a living. I give people things to think about. I live in Delhi with my parents.

Bio: CEO and Co-Founder, InRev Systems

Thanks @vimoh , @GautamGhosh , @leplan for nice bio examples. Don’t forget to follow me @terabug

If you find difficulty in making your catchy bio comment here with a little detail about you. I can help you.

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6 responses. Wanna say something?

  1. Eileen Gibson
    Apr 7, 2011 at 23:00:30

    Struggling with a catchy bio… my brain is fried after taking on the MySMB. Help! an idea greatly received and I can pass the word about :-)This is taken from my CV. I’m very sociable, partner, no kids, live life to the full. Canoeing on the Thames, travel are hobbies.
    A self motivated, results focused and commercially astute individual who can create and close new business opportunities. Excellent presentation and communication skills. Experienced relationship manager, comfortable managing and growing client accounts once won. Confident user of CRM database and the management of social media with the likes of twitter and facebook.


  2. Shovan
    Apr 26, 2011 at 16:51:57

    Thanks for the example of good bio. Is there any website that generates bio depending on your skills?



    KP Reply:

    That’s a nice idea shovan! I will create such a site soon.


  3. Natasha
    Sep 27, 2011 at 00:44:39

    You actually have LESS than 160 characters if you want you entire bio to be seen instantly after someone does a keyword search on Twitter.

    In fact, you have <50 characters to work with! That means your last example…

    Bio: CEO and Co-Founder, InRev Systems

    …is best. I just changed mine to…

    Bio: Salon and spa pros follow me for great SEO tips

    …but there's others like Twitter's…

    Bio (@twitter): Always wondering what's happening.


    Bio : Prepaid card & international payments one click away


  4. SelGo_Luva45
    Nov 26, 2011 at 15:52:52

    I LOL’D at the bad ideas!!!! ”
    Bio: 160 characters are not enough to tell about me.

    My Comment: I understand your feelings, I will request twitter that let user attach a pdf e-book so you can attach your autobiography.


  5. santhosh
    Jul 3, 2012 at 06:23:45

    My bio.
    Am not perfect in the
    world & also am a
    cheater so dnt trust

    Am cheated by sum1
    den 1ly am bcome a


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