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Let me introduce my first wordpress theme to you,which is Free for download and use keeping only condition that you must not change the footer.You MUST keep it as it is.


Gadget Plus is a 3 column wordpress theme that was ideally designed for gadgets blog especially for tech related wordpress theme.

Why Gadget Plus ?

I have introduced something different than other wordpress theme.Like newsbar on top on all pages.
Also floating advertisement possibility like currently I have put Vista logo.

Theme Features:
3 Column Theme
Fixed width
Right Sidebars
Adsense Enabled
Widget Ready
Functional RSS Feed Logo
Special features like Floating Display ads spot,News bar at top
Version 1.0, 2.2.1, 2.2.2 , 2.3.2 2.5 and 2.6 , 2.7
Theme Support
Tested in some major browsers

Download Link:

Gadget Plus Installation Guide

  1. Upload the “gadgetplus” folder to your “Themes” Folder via FTP using binary mode.
  2. Edit details in sidebar.php using theme editor of wordpress like your feedburner id,Google Adsense code.
  3. Open header.php and find out <div id=”slider”> and Edit the slider ( Default a vista logo)
  4. Edit Top news in news script.Find $filetxt= in header.php and replace the text file path with your own text news file path.(sorry for using old marquee tag as some elements of theme was having issues with latest DHTML scripts still if you can find good replacement do it and let me know,I will be glad)
  5. Theme comes with logo and banner psd files.You can edit them as per your need.You can also replace current logo file (images/top1.png) with yours but be careful with dimensions and the border of theme so the look won’t get spoiled.

Installation of plugins

  1. Upload content-gallery folder from plugins folder of downloaded zip file to plugins folder of your wordpress installation
  2. Go to Plugins tab from admin panel of wordpress and activate content gallery plugin.
  3. Go to SettingsàFeatured content gallery.
  4. Enter below values
  5. Gallery Width in Pixels:525


  1. Gallery Height in Pixels:225
  2. Text Overlay Height in Pixels:80
  3. Category Name: Any category name which you want to display on homepage slideshow. For example featured
  4. Number of Items to Display: This is also depends on you.
  5. Press update options.

Post with Images to display on homepage slider

When you make a post you can create a custom field with the image you want to associate with that post. How it is done is explained below.


1. Go to Admin panel > Write post

2. Give post title, and write down the content.

3. Select Add media > Add an image > Upload your choice of image

4. Scroll down to the Custom field area and set the key name as articleimg (case sensitive) and enter the full path of the image you uploaded in the value field.

5. Then add the custom field to the post.

That’s about it. We have covered all the different theme settings which have to be adjusted. For any further assistance or troubleshooting contact me at

For more free themes and custom themes contact admin at

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  1. CJ
    Jan 4, 2009 at 01:31:11

    Wow! Awesome work you do on theme creation! You are a definite must-add to my resource list!

    The only think I would add to this particular theme (Gadgets plus) is a navigation bar across the top, below the header.

    But that’s just me. 🙂 I like that kind of thing.
    Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!



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