How Facebook keeps track of your relations with your friends ?

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It is not like just launching a social networking site gave Mark Zuckerbarg, the founder of Facebook, all the success. In social networking sites there are many competitors. Though Facebook beat all and became world’s number one social networking site. There are many factors behind the success but here is one of the leading factors in my option.

Relations are the most important thing when it comes to a social site. Tracking relations is the most important activity one can do to have idea about some person’s social activity. Facebook tracks your relations to know how you are connected with people from your friend list.

Not all the friends are equal in importance and Facebook knows this very well. The goal of any website is to make visitors spend more time on site as well as inviting their friends to the site. We can say it mouth publicity.

Facebook tracks some of your activity. With whom you chat frequently, whose profile you check time by time, whose statuses you like/comment. This data gives Facebook enough idea about strength of relations with some persons out of the big friend list.


Whenever Facebook want you to do something in favor of Facebook, it will promote the thing with names of the close friends of you. It is obvious that you will get more attracted. Facebook is so smart, it knows this person is socially more connected with you. There is more probability for you to follow whatever he/she does/recommends. Ever noticed Facebook friend finder advert in right sidebar ? It mostly contains picture of friends that you most/recently interacted, saying “blah blah friends uses Facebook friend finder, Invite your friends”. This makes the success ratio of the ad high, Facebook gets more invites and further thing you know it.

Same thing happens when it comes to spending time on Facebook. It will show your most liked albums, photos from your most close friends. That will make you click more, stay on Facebook for long.

So it is an important thing to notice for a web master. There might be huge algorithms, but for sure we can notice this much from it and follow it developing our websites.

Remember there is a logic behind every little thing you see around. Success is never easy, but applying mind on small to smallest thing they made it. So next time when you develop something or even see something ask your mind “why is it so?” . Observing successful things is the one of the best way to get successful. (-:

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