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While surfing you must gone through dome forums where people dealing with sell of domain and buying domains.If not then also don’t worry I am going to tell how you can make huge money using domain sell.

What is domain selling ?

Domain selling means buy a domain and sell it.You must be thinking what’s profit behind doing this? Well the selling price may be 10000 times greater than your purchase price.

How to step in the business of domain selling?

First you need a creative brain to think good domain name which can be in demand in future or someone else start loving the name by just seeing it.

Then you need to register a domain name by investing money.

When I should sell the domain?

You can do this two ways.One is park the domain and earn from it.Second thing you can do is generate a good traffic to the domain.You can buy backlinks to the domain and can get a good PR(Pagerank).High Page rank domain get huge value.After doing some of the steps you can sell domain at high value than purchase.Also,Old domains get good price.

How I can Sell Domains?

There are some sites which offer your domain to be placed for sale.There are two types of selling.Auctions and Direct Sale.

  1. namepros is a good place to sell domains.They allow you to put your domain for sale for free
  2. DigitalPoint forums is another forums which is having huge daily visitors.
  3. GoDaddy is also having buy & sale market.
  4. Sedo offers domain parking and selling ,buying both.
  5. site point marketplace is also famous for it,but it doesn’t allow to list your domain for free

Some important terms that you will face doing this.

What is BIN ?

Bin means Buy It Now.So declaring this price means anyone can be owner of the domain by paying BIN

Reserve – No reserve: If reserve is there means you can’t bid on domain below that price

PR – Pagerank of the domain

Dropped – means the domain is having a drop in past due to not getting renewed on time

Precautions : You may get fraud persons while doing this,be careful with payment methods you using.

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