Some Adsense FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) to clear your doubts and increase your knowledge

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Many people stay confused about something and something related to Adsense. Here I am trying to clear your most of doubts in form of an questionnaire, Though they are unofficial FAQs.

Hope they will give you a lot knowledge about Adsense, if you have any other question than this please post in comment. I will reply there.

Q.1: When Adsense will approve me? Why my Adsense application gets rejected ?

Your site must be 6 months old. You must have valid html, css layout. Your site must have original content. Also, Quantity and Quality of content both will be measured. Adsense will mostly reject sites hosted on free web hosting sub domains. You can not apply for more than one account from single address. Your site should not have any other advertising network ads running on your website. Your site should have limited number of outgoing links on all pages,(Link sales).

Q.2: Can I tell my relatives to click on my ads once in a six months or one month ?

It’s a risky thing. Please refer 10 best ways to get banned from adsense.

Q.3: I got banned from Adsense. What can I do ?

Sometimes adsense accounts get banned manually and sometimes by Adsense bots. You can try contacting Adsense Team. They will review your mail and problem. If they see you were banned but you are innocent, they will enable your account again.

Q.4: Can I use same background for ads as my page background ?

You must use it, It’s valid as per adsense policies, even it increases your CTR.

Q.5: How can I increase my CTR ?

CTR (Click Through Rate ) can be increased by changing adsense fonts, placements , colours, your website layout etc.

Q.6: How can I increase my eCPM ?

eCPM depends on the keywords in content, as well as performance of whole account( all websites’ performance in an account ) , Average CTR.

Q.7: Can I buy some traffic from traffic site for adsense ?

You can buy as long as the traffic company says and claims the traffic is adsense safe, but it is not recommended though.

Q.8: Putting adsense on a floating bar violates adsense tos ?

Yes, adsense codes must be put on static places. You can not use the code on floating elements.

Q.9: Can a single adsense code be used on multiple pages ?

Yes, single adsense code cam be used on multiple pages or websites.

Q:10: Can I get adsense payment check less than 100$ ?

Minimum threshold for a payment is 100$. You can not get a payment less than 100$.

Q:11: Is it safe to login into adsense from different country from your usual access ?

Yes, Google is not having any problem if you access Google account from any country so does the adsense.

Q:12: Can I use adsense in Facebook applications ?

There is no way to embed adsense code in facebook FBML. If you use the iframe mode in developing application, adsense ads must not be iframed.

Q:13: Does an Indian adsense user have to pay tax for his earnings ?

Yes, an Indian adsense publisher must treat his earnings as normal ones and pay the tax if the amount is more than the minimum tax free income.

Q:14: If I open my site 100 times, will I get banned from adsense ?

Google knows that webmaster needs to check his website, a certain limited refreshes of your website is ohk to Google.

Q:15: Is Adsense and Commission Junction allowed on the same site/page?

Yes it’s fine, as long as the products you promote don’t fall under the topics not allowed by adsense, like casino, adult etc. which are probably allowed on

More FAQs will be added soon, keep checking the page. Meanwhile if you have any additional question feel free to post.

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