15 Points to some new webmaster

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This is useful checks for webmasters when they launch a new website.Completing this check list assures to have good rankings in search engines,better traffic,good reputation and some other benefits.

1. Proper Meta Tags: Fill up proper meta tags.You must fill up title,description,keywords meta tags for all pages.Description should not be too long or too short.Most of search engines supports maximum 160 characters in description.

Remember: Each page should have it’s own meta tags.No duplicate meta tags to any of the pages of your site.

2. Check valid HTML:Check that you have valid HTML codes.Search engines spiders find trouble in crawling pages with too many HTML errors.They don’t prefer to list such error containing pages.Link to validator: http://validator.w3.org/

3. Check for valid CSS: If you are using CSS template check that written CSS is valid in eyes of w3c.Link to validator:http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

4. No JavaScript for content: As search engines do not crawl JavaScript your content must not get written by JavaScript.It can be PHP , Pure HTML or etc but not JavaScript.

5. No Dropdown navigation menu: Dropdown navigation menu generally pop out by # sign.Which is not search engine friendly.If you have such menu then your site must have direct links to the pages of dropdown.So search engines can crawl them.

6. No heavy site: You should design your site an graphics such a way that it loads fast.This will help to search engines as well as your real visitors.

7. Add site to Webmaster Central tools: Let Google and other search engines know about your new domain.Add your site to http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ and Yahoo site Explorer https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/mysites

8. Create and Submit sitemap: Sitemaps are very important in crawling matter.Generate one using offline or online sitemap generator tool.Submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

9. Use a favicon: Some people ignores favicon.Favicon gives unique identity to your website.

10. Check vulnerability: If you are using any readymade script on your website,check if its vulnerable or not.Try searching for script name + vulnerable or SQL injection on Google this helps even if you don’t know ethical hacking.If you get any result which is showing vulnerability don’t use the script .

11. Prefer www. : It’s recommended that you keep www as default.For this you need to configure your .htaccess file.

12 Use dash: If your page name is having space in it ,use dash instead of space.Dashes are best,then comes underscores.No spaces is worst.

13: .htaccess redirect: If you have more than one domain parked for the website,don’t forget to configure your .htaccess to avoid duplicate content penalty (Read More…)

14. Logo Linking: Link your logo to your home page.Some webmasters forget to do this.Some people has habit of clicking logo.It’s seen in standard websites.You should link logo.

15: Submit URL: Submit your URL to Google (Click here) and also some other search engines.(Click here)

I am sure taking care of these point will make your website higher than any other normal website.

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