10 Best Freewares that you will love to use

Posted By: KP On January 26, 2011 Under Downloads, Freewares Categories

Why one should pay when he is getting similar things for FREE. Freewares decrease piracy of softwares. Listing 10 best freewares alternatives for the expensive you install.


1. Avira Antivirus: Avira Antivir, The antivirus which captured the whole market paid antivirus. The antivirus is having very accurate virus definitions and updates. Everything is free, no ads at all.

2. Open Office: Open office is an alternative to Microsoft Office. Basically it deals with same features. You can use open office on Linux too. If you are worrying about opening the document on some other PC which is having MS-Office then let me tell you Open Office supports all office formats doc, docx, ppt, pptx etc.

3. GIMP: GIMP is an alternative for Photoshop. Various plugins can be added to GIMP. It supports various file format.

4. Super Converter: The converter deals with most of audio video file formats. I haven’t seen any paid converter which support these many file formats’ conversion.

5. Notepad++: It is the best alternative to notepad. It is not just text editing tool. The editor supports various programming languages like CSS, PHP, JavaScript etc. It highlights syntaxes. Moreover you can create macros and add various plugins. It’s a must have replacement.

6. K-lite Media Codec: Sometimes we search and download  various players for different media file formats. We need to download huge installations, most of the time trial versions. K-Lite media codec is a simple solution, just install the codecs and play most of extensions with in-built windows media player.

7. Free Download Manager: FDM is a download manager for all your files. It boosts download speed technically dividing a file into parallel data connection. It also seems to be a better download manager than any other paid ones.

8. IrfanView: IrfanView is a famous image editor as well as converter. It supports mostly all image formats. Extension plugins are also there for rarely used image formats.

9. CDBurnerXP Pro: CD Burner Pro is CD Burning utility. Most of CD writer manufactures provide shareware software with it but they don’t allow editing ISO file etc. CDBurnerXP Pro allows edit and extract of ISO files.

10. CamStudio: CamStudio is free screen recording software. A useful tool for one who makes video from screen or some demo video of softwares. It provides many features like having logo or text on screen etc.

You can download my developed freewares at www.kpsofts.com or if you know any good freeware comment here. I will update the article.

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